"Special Price" means Dealer Price

If you are reading this, you have logged into a Dealer account.  Content in this section of our site is restricted.  You will also find that prices listed for you under our Products and other listings use the term "Special Price"...  This is your dealer pricing, we just have not gotten it yet to use the term "Wholesale Price" or "Dealer Price".

You will notice that when you logout, those Special Prices will generally go away (we may have certain specials on the site in general and they, likewise will say "Special Price" on them but the caluclation for such will not be standard Wholesale Pricing by any measure.  We will endeavor to pass special pricing onto Dealer Pricing, though we have not figured out how to do this yet.

Anyway, as of today, we have restricted Dealer Content and we have gotten Dealer Pricing to show up again on the site.  The site seems to have lost this functionality for a while though it was in place earlier in the summer.


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