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Pure XL Readies for Business


Talk about Comfort in a modern Whitewater boat. The Pure is measuring in at 87 Gallons, and is speced for paddlers 185 lbs and up. You will be bouyant, comforatable and come winter even warm in this boat.

Bottom Line, float on top of the water and you are in control. Head into the water and you are with the current going where the river will take you. Get ready for some action. This one is going to be fun.

Quick Specs.

8' 10" long, 27" wide.

87 Gal

Trim Adjustable Double Padded Seat

Strap Adjustable "Collission Plate" Bulkhead Footbrace

Prijon's infamous HTP Polyethylene (Extrusion Blowmolded)

General Availability Mid November 2010, North American Market

Watch this site for more information.

Kayaks are made to be warm, so stay above the water and know what control means.


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