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This Site is Slow, not unlike Good Cooking

Cut to the chase: A Potential Speed increase for most  Product Info can be found by proceeding directly to our ecommerce system:  www.wildwasser.net..  that said, the ecommerce system iis likely the source of the overall slowness.

We have been working intensively on a solution...  over the weekend we did get some good improvement but still, it is not Google in terms of responsiveness.

Realize that made my hand can sometimes mean "less than fast".  We have some very good products and it is faster to wait for the page to load than to drive to Boulder  (that is, unless you are down the street).

Kayaking is a sport that matches the speed.  Giving you time to think, to plot a course, to consider the situation.  Bear with us on site speed.  Realize that we make our gear with great care.  Quality is our primary goal, but speed on our website can arguably be included in that measure... so we have work to do.

Bear with us.  Speed on the site is coming soon!


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